I have owned it for a year ….. it does the job it is supposed to and the retract function still seems to work well (which was something I was concerned about).

Keep your backyard looking clean and organized with this retractable garden hose reel

30m | 100 ft All weather flexible and abrasion-resistant hybrid hose ensures the hose reel leak-resistant & long-lasting. Standard 3/4-inch Inlet is suitable for most family different watering needs.


Retractable Garden Hose Reel | Wall Mounted Water Hose Reel




Water the furthest corners of your garden thanks to an enormous 100ft | 30 metre hose. Retract your garden hose without the hassle, using the automatic reel function. Comes with a Multi-function 9-in-1 nozzle.


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Reaching those tight corners and far points of your backyard with ease, the 100ft | 30m Retractable Garden Hose Reel is the ideal garden hose and reel for household backyards and courtyards.

A tightly designed reel system neatly tucks the hose away after use, avoiding kinks and ensuring your backyard looks clean and tidy at all times.


Easy to use

Retractable hose reel can be locked at any length by pulling it to a certain length, it automatically locks in that position, so you don’t have to pull it all the time. Give the hose a gentle tug and guide it slowly back to the reel with no kinks tangles or effort.

High-Quality Hoses

30m | 100 FT All weather flexible and abrasion-resistant hybrid hose ensures the hose reel leak-resistant and long-lasting. Standard 3/4-inch Inlet is suitable for most family different watering needs.


Easy To Install

The water hose reel can be mounted on the wall with a bracket and can swivel 180 degrees horizontally to meet watering needs in different directions. You can also easily take it out and store it.

9 Function Nozzle

The garden hose with 9 patterns hose nozzle allows you to choose any water pattern to meet the different watering needs of flowers, lawns, floors, car-washing, etc.

180° Swivel Bracket

Wall mounted water hose reel support 180 degrees rotation. You can hang the reel on the brick, concrete, and stone with the mount kit.

No Tangling or Knotting

The retractable garden hose reel is designed with a powerful automatic recovery system, and the integrated guide keeps the hose always in order.


High Quality Brass Interface

All joints at the water hose reel’s connection are made of 3/4″ high-quality brass, and a patented anti-leakage technology is installed in key parts.

Reliable PP Shell Construction

Excellent anti-aging PP material is suitable for hose reels in the outdoor environments for a long time, without worrying about the housing will be cracked or deformed.NOTE: Working Temperature -5℃-45℃/23℉~113℉
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What is a Retractable Garden Hose Reel?
A retractable garden hose reel is a device designed to store and dispense a garden hose. It features a reel mechanism that allows the hose to be easily pulled out and retracted back into the unit, keeping it organized and tangle-free.
What is a Wall Mounted Water Hose Reel?
A wall-mounted water hose reel is a hose storage solution that can be attached to a wall or other vertical surface. It provides a convenient and space-saving way to store and access your garden hose.
What is an Automatic Hose Reel?
An automatic hose reel is a hose storage system equipped with a motorized mechanism that automatically retracts the hose with the push of a button. It offers a hands-free and effortless way to store and manage your garden hose.
What are the benefits of using a Retractable Garden Hose Reel?
Retractable garden hose reels offer several benefits, including easy hose storage and organization, protection against damage and wear, tangle-free operation, and convenient hose extension and retraction.
How can a Wall Mounted Water Hose Reel improve my gardening experience?
A wall-mounted water hose reel provides a dedicated location for storing your garden hose. It helps keep your outdoor space neat and tidy while making it quick and easy to access and use your hose for watering plants or cleaning tasks.
What makes an Automatic Hose Reel a convenient choice?
An automatic hose reel eliminates the need for manual winding and unwinding of the hose. With a simple push of a button, the hose is effortlessly retracted, saving you time and effort. It also ensures the hose is neatly stored and protected when not in use.
Can a Retractable Garden Hose Reel be installed in different locations?
Yes, retractable garden hose reels can be installed in various locations, including gardens, yards, garages, or other outdoor areas. They can be mounted on walls, posts, or other suitable structures for easy access and storage.
Are Wall Mounted Water Hose Reels durable and weather-resistant?
Yes, wall-mounted water hose reels are designed to withstand outdoor conditions. They are typically made from durable materials such as rust-resistant metals or UV-stabilized plastics to ensure long-lasting performance even in harsh weather.
How does an Automatic Hose Reel retract the hose?
An automatic hose reel is equipped with a motorized mechanism that pulls the hose back into the reel. It is usually powered by batteries or electricity and features a sensor or button that triggers the retraction process.
Are Retractable Garden Hose Reels, Wall Mounted Water Hose Reels, and Automatic Hose Reels easy to install?
Yes, these hose reels are designed for easy installation. They often come with mounting hardware and detailed instructions to guide you through the installation process. No specialized tools are usually required.
Remember, whether you choose a retractable garden hose reel, a wall-mounted water hose reel, or an automatic hose reel, these hose storage solutions offer convenience, organization, and easy access to your garden hose. They make watering plants, cleaning tasks, and general outdoor maintenance more efficient and enjoyable.


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