I put these up to stop feral cats from climbing near my camera, stops them in their tracks.

Cat prevention spikes are the best solution to keep intruders off your property – No more cats & other pest activity

Easy to Use & Install – These plastic fence spikes are made from durable material for extra long life


Cat Prevention Spikes | Spikes To Deter Cats | Fence Spikes For Cats

Original price was: $13.Current price is: $10.

per 50cm strip

NO MINIMUM - Order Only The Number Of Strips (50cm lengths) You Need


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SPIKES TO KEEP CATS AWAY– These plastic cat deterrent spikes will keep cats away. It is a safe, effective, humane cat control solution and will not harm cats.


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NO MINIMUM - Order Only The Number Of Strips (50cm lengths) You Need

Original price was: $13.Current price is: $10.

per 50cm strip

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where to buy cat spike strips online
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Effective Fence Spikes

Perfect for keeping unwanted cats away from your garden & property.

Good Quality & Durable Material

These plastic fence spikes are made from durable material for extra long life.

Easy to Use and Install

Be easy to fit in the space and the spikes can be snap-able segments if need, and you can bend it to be 120°with tools, and to fit it on the rod easily. You can put these spikes up and screw them in place with nails/screws or secure the strips with strong zip ties/double velcro tape.
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What are Cat Prevention Spikes, and how do they work?
Cat Prevention Spikes are specially designed devices that deter cats from climbing or walking on surfaces. They work by creating an uncomfortable and unstable surface, making it undesirable for cats to linger.
Are there any humane alternatives to using Spikes to Deter Cats?
Yes, there are humane alternatives such as motion-activated deterrents, cat repellent sprays, and ultrasonic devices that discourage cats from entering certain areas without causing harm.
Can Fence Spikes For Cats be used on any type of fence?
Fence Spikes for Cats are versatile and can be used on various fence types, including wooden, metal, and vinyl fences. They provide an effective deterrent to keep cats out of your garden or property.
Do Cat Prevention Spikes harm cats?
Cat Prevention Spikes are designed to be safe and humane. They do not cause harm to cats but instead encourage them to find other areas to explore or climb.
How can I install Spikes to Deter Cats on my property?
Installing Spikes to Deter Cats is typically straightforward. They can be attached to fences, walls, or other surfaces using screws or adhesive, following the manufacturer’s instructions.
Do Fence Spikes For Cats require any maintenance?
Fence Spikes for Cats are low-maintenance. Periodic cleaning to remove debris or leaves may be necessary to ensure their effectiveness.
Can I use Cat Prevention Spikes to protect my garden from other animals?
While Cat Prevention Spikes are primarily designed for deterring cats, they can also discourage other small animals, such as squirrels or birds, from entering your garden.
Are Spikes to Deter Cats weather-resistant?
Yes, many Spikes to Deter Cats are made from weather-resistant materials like plastic or stainless steel, ensuring durability and effectiveness in various weather conditions.
Can I use Fence Spikes For Cats indoors?
Fence Spikes for Cats are typically designed for outdoor use. However, some cat deterrent products suitable for indoor use are available to keep cats away from specific indoor areas.
Are Cat Prevention Spikes visible, or can they be discreetly installed?
Cat Prevention Spikes are visible once installed, but they can be discreetly placed on surfaces to minimize their aesthetic impact while still providing effective deterrence.
Do Spikes to Deter Cats require professional installation?
Most Spikes to Deter Cats can be installed by homeowners without professional help. They come with installation instructions for ease of setup.
Can I paint or customize Fence Spikes For Cats to match my fence or property?
Some Fence Spikes for Cats can be painted or customized to blend with your fence or property aesthetics while maintaining their deterrent function.
Are Cat Prevention Spikes suitable for use near children or pets?
Cat Prevention Spikes are safe for use around children and pets. They are designed to deter cats without causing harm to people or other animals.
How long do Spikes to Deter Cats last?
The lifespan of Spikes to Deter Cats can vary depending on the quality of materials used and exposure to weather. High-quality spikes can last for several years.
Are Fence Spikes For Cats adjustable to fit different fence sizes?
Many Fence Spikes for Cats are adjustable and can be trimmed to fit various fence sizes and shapes, providing flexibility in installation.
Can Cat Prevention Spikes be used on trees or outdoor furniture to keep cats away?
Yes, Cat Prevention Spikes can be applied to trees, outdoor furniture, and other surfaces to deter cats from climbing or scratching.
Do Spikes to Deter Cats deter all cat breeds?
Spikes to Deter Cats are effective at deterring most cat breeds. However, individual cat behavior may vary, and some cats may be more persistent than others.
Are there any legal restrictions on using Fence Spikes For Cats in my area?
It’s essential to check local regulations and restrictions regarding the use of cat deterrent products like Fence Spikes to ensure compliance with any applicable laws.
Can I use Cat Prevention Spikes on my roof to keep cats away?
Using Cat Prevention Spikes on roofs can deter cats from accessing certain areas. However, ensure that they are installed safely and do not damage the roof’s surface.
Can I use Spikes to Deter Cats in my garden to protect my plants?
Yes, you can use Spikes to Deter Cats in your garden to discourage cats from digging, scratching, or lounging in plant beds, helping protect your plants.
Keeping Your Garden Feline-Free: The Ultimate Guide to Cat Prevention Spikes

Cats, with their playful antics and charming personalities, can be delightful pets. However, when they decide to use your garden as their personal playground or litter box, the joy can quickly turn to frustration. Enter Cat Prevention Spikes, also known as Fence Spikes for Cats—a humane and effective solution to deter our feline friends from invading your outdoor spaces. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the world of Cat Prevention Spikes, understand their benefits, and show you how to protect your garden with ease.

1. Understanding Cat Prevention Spikes:

Cat Prevention Spikes are specially designed deterrents crafted to discourage cats from entering specific areas. These spikes are typically made from durable materials like plastic or metal, featuring pointed elements that make it uncomfortable for cats to walk or rest on.

2. Benefits of Using Spikes To Deter Cats:

a. Humane Deterrence: Cat Prevention Spikes provide a humane way to protect your garden. They don’t harm cats physically but encourage them to find alternative spots.

b. Garden Preservation: By deterring cats from your garden, you can maintain the beauty of your outdoor spaces and protect your plants from being used as scratching posts.

c. Hygiene: Cat Prevention Spikes help keep your garden clean by discouraging cats from using it as a litter box.

d. Versatility: You can use these spikes on various surfaces, including fences, walls, ledges, and even on the ground around plants.

e. Easy Installation: Most Cat Prevention Spikes are easy to install, requiring minimal effort to set up and maintain.

3. Types of Fence Spikes For Cats:

Cat Prevention Spikes come in various forms to suit different needs and preferences:

a. Wall and Fence Spikes: These are designed to be attached to walls, fences, or other surfaces to prevent cats from climbing or jumping over.

b. Ground Spikes: These are placed directly in the ground to create a barrier around plants or specific areas.

c. Sticky Deterrents: Sticky strips or mats can be used on surfaces where cats may land, making it uncomfortable for them.

d. Ultrasonic Devices: Some cat deterrents use ultrasonic sound waves to discourage cats from approaching a particular area.

4. How to Use Cat Deterrent Spikes Effectively:

To make the most of Cat Prevention Spikes:

a. Identify Problem Areas: Determine where cats are causing issues in your garden and strategically place the spikes in those locations.

b. Maintain Cleanliness: Keep the area free from cat droppings or scent marks that might attract them.

c. Monitor Effectiveness: Regularly check the spikes to ensure they are still deterring cats effectively.

d. Combine Methods: In some cases, it may be helpful to use other cat deterrent methods in conjunction with spikes for maximum effectiveness.

5. Conclusion: A Peaceful Garden Awaits

Cat Prevention Spikes, also known as Fence Spikes for Cats, provide a humane and practical way to protect your garden from unwanted feline visitors. By implementing these deterrents strategically, you can enjoy a peaceful and cat-free outdoor space while preserving the beauty and cleanliness of your garden. Say goodbye to cat-related frustrations and hello to a harmonious garden environment!


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