I’m a car NUT with a new highly-personalised luxury sports SUV. This product is far better than I expected, in fact, neither my wife nor I can find fault. It represents excellent value for money and we could not be happier with it……

Made of 4-layers of quilted fabric, this dog car seat cover is 100% waterproof to protect your seat from mud, liquid, hair, or any mess

Quick & Easy To Install. Designed to fit all cars, trucks and SUVs.

Car Seat Cover For Dogs | Vehicle Seat Covers For Dogs | Canine Car Seat Covers

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Designed with a heavy waterproof Oxford fabric incorporating a handy side ventilation design – keeping your pet comfortable and unflustered and your seats scratch and damage free.

  • Product Dimensions: 137cm Wide x 147cm Length.
  • Material: Waterproof Heavy Duty Oxford Fabric

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Original price was: $149.Current price is: $139.

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Thee premium pet seat cover comes complete with a mesh see through window which allows you to check on your pet at any time as you drive.

The mesh window of your new dog rear car seat cover also allows continual air flow to the back seat, keeping your pet in a cool and comfortable environment whilst providing all-around protection.



This dog seat cover is designed with full size side flaps that can cover the entire door and perfectly protect your vehicle from any dirt, scratches, hair & fur. The hammock design prevents your pet from jumping to the front seat & from falling off the back seat in case of emergency braking.


This pet car back seat cover is made with water resistant 600D durable oxford fabric and padded with PP cotton. Totally keep your car seat from any liquid, dirt, scratches, hair Etc. Non-slip backing and 2 seat anchors and built-in seat belts openings ensure that the seat cover will not slide around and provides comfortable rides.


This dog backseat cover is designed with mesh viewing window, it allows you and your pet to see each other to make pet remain calm and rested. And passenger design allows your dog & passenger to share the backseat together.


Taking only minutes to install the pet car seat cover will perfectly protect your car from scratches and mud. The fully adjustable straps allow the cover to adapt to nearly every size of car.
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Car Seat Cover For Dogs | Pet Seat Cover Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Car Seat Cover for Dogs, and why do I need one?
A Car Seat Cover for Dogs is a protective accessory that shields your vehicle’s seats from pet hair, dirt, and scratches. It’s essential to maintain a clean and damage-free car interior.
How do Vehicle Seat Covers for Dogs enhance my pet's safety during car rides?
Vehicle Seat Covers for Dogs provide a secure and comfortable space for your pet during car trips, reducing distractions to the driver and ensuring your dog’s safety.
Are Canine Car Seat Covers compatible with all types of vehicles, including SUVs and trucks?
Yes, Canine Car Seat Covers are designed to fit various vehicle types, ensuring a universal and secure fit for most cars, SUVs, and trucks.
Can I use a Car Seat Cover for Dogs on leather seats, and will it protect against scratches?
Yes, you can use a Car Seat Cover for Dogs on leather seats. It provides excellent protection against scratches, claw marks, and pet-related damage.
Do Vehicle Seat Covers for Dogs come with safety features like seatbelt attachments for my pet?
Many Vehicle Seat Covers for Dogs include seatbelt attachments or harnesses to secure your pet, ensuring their safety during car rides.
How do I clean and maintain Canine Car Seat Covers, especially after muddy outdoor adventures?
Cleaning Canine Car Seat Covers is easy; most are machine washable or can be wiped down with a damp cloth, making maintenance hassle-free.
Can a Car Seat Cover for Dogs also protect my car seats from spills and stains caused by humans?
Yes, a Car Seat Cover for Dogs serves a dual purpose, protecting seats from both pet-related and human-related spills, stains, and wear.
Are Vehicle Seat Covers for Dogs waterproof, and can they prevent pet accidents from seeping into the car seats?
Many Vehicle Seat Covers for Dogs are waterproof, providing effective protection against pet accidents and spills.
Can Canine Car Seat Covers accommodate multiple dogs, and do they offer a comfortable riding experience?
Some Canine Car Seat Covers are designed for multiple dogs and ensure a comfortable and secure ride for all your furry companions.
Are Car Seat Covers for Dogs easy to install, and can I remove them quickly when not needed?
Yes, Car Seat Covers for Dogs are generally easy to install and can be removed quickly when not in use, allowing flexibility for human passengers.
Can Vehicle Seat Covers for Dogs be customized to match my car's interior or style preferences?
Many Vehicle Seat Covers for Dogs offer customization options, allowing you to choose colors and designs that complement your car’s interior.
Do Canine Car Seat Covers protect against allergens, dander, and pet odors in the car?
Yes, Canine Car Seat Covers can help reduce allergens, dander, and pet odors in the car, creating a more pleasant driving environment.
Are Car Seat Covers for Dogs suitable for use with other pets, like cats or small animals?
While designed for dogs, Car Seat Covers can be used for other pets like cats or small animals to protect your car seats.
Do Vehicle Seat Covers for Dogs have pockets or storage compartments for pet accessories?
Some Vehicle Seat Covers for Dogs come with pockets or storage compartments, allowing you to keep pet accessories and essentials organized.
Can Canine Car Seat Covers be used in the rear seat area, cargo area, or the front passenger seat of my car?
Yes, Canine Car Seat Covers are versatile and can be used in various areas of your car, depending on your needs and pet’s preferences.
Are Car Seat Covers for Dogs suitable for long road trips, and do they help reduce shedding in the car?
Yes, Car Seat Covers for Dogs are ideal for long road trips, and they can help contain shedding, keeping your car cleaner during the journey.
Can I still use child car seats or booster seats when Vehicle Seat Covers for Dogs are installed?
Yes, you can typically use child car seats or booster seats with Vehicle Seat Covers for Dogs, ensuring the safety of both your pet and child passengers.
Do Canine Car Seat Covers have non-slip backing to prevent them from moving around during drives?
Many Canine Car Seat Covers feature non-slip backing to keep them securely in place, ensuring your pet’s safety and comfort.
Can Car Seat Covers for Dogs be used with heated car seats, and are they compatible with modern car features?
Yes, Car Seat Covers for Dogs can usually be used with heated car seats and are compatible with modern car features, making them versatile accessories.
How can I choose the right size of Vehicle Seat Covers for Dogs to ensure a proper fit in my car?
To choose the right size, measure your car’s seats and consider the cover’s dimensions to ensure a snug and proper fit for your vehicle.
How do you secure seat anchors, also comes with 3 straps one is to clip into seat belt to secure dog what are the other 2 for
You pull back seat forward and there are 2 hard bars that fit in between seat and back, then you pull seat back up again. Then there are straps with clips, 2 wrap around front seat headrests, abd 2 wrap around back seat headrests ( you can adjust the straps).
Then the 2 ends both zip up and there is clip at each end that goes through hand grips
I drive a Toyota Corolla, can this fit in the backseat?
Yes it will fit.
Are these all black?
Yes they are
How easy is this car seat cover to take in and out? I am looking for something to use on the go.
Really easy. I use mine on the go. A couple of minutes to out in or take out of the car. Highly recommend this product.
The Ultimate Guide to Car Seat Covers for Dogs: Travel Safely and Stylishly

For many of us, our dogs are cherished family members, and we want them to accompany us on all our adventures, including car rides. However, dogs can leave behind a trail of fur, dirt, and scratches that can wreak havoc on your car’s interior. The solution? A Car Seat Cover for Dogs, also known as Vehicle Seat Covers for Dogs or Canine Car Seat Covers. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore what these covers are, why they’re essential, and how to choose the perfect one for both you and your furry co-pilot.

1. What Is a Car Seat Cover for Dogs?

A Car Seat Cover for Dogs, also known as Vehicle Seat Covers for Dogs or Canine Car Seat Covers, is a protective barrier designed to shield your car’s seats from dirt, fur, moisture, and scratches caused by your four-legged friend. These covers are made from durable, easy-to-clean materials and come in various styles and designs to suit your needs and preferences.

2. Benefits of Using a Vehicle Seat Covers For Dogs:

**a. Protects Your Car: Car seat covers provide a protective layer that prevents your car’s seats from getting damaged or soiled.

**b. Comfort for Your Dog: They offer a comfortable, non-slip surface for your dog to sit or lie on during car rides.

**c. Easy to Clean: Most car seat covers are machine-washable or can be wiped clean, making cleanup a breeze.

**d. Reduces Distractions: A secure, designated space for your dog in the car can help minimize distractions while driving.

**e. Preserves Resale Value: If you ever decide to sell your car, well-maintained seats will retain their value.

3. Types of Canine Car Seat Covers:

Car seat covers come in various types to suit your specific needs:

  • Bench Seat Covers: These cover the entire backseat and are ideal for larger vehicles or for accommodating multiple dogs.

  • Bucket Seat Covers: Designed for single seats, they offer a tailored fit and are great for solo travelers with their pets.

  • Hammock Seat Covers: These covers not only protect the seat but also create a hammock-like barrier between the back and front seats, ensuring your dog stays safely in the back.

4. Choosing the Right Car Seat Cover:

When selecting a car seat cover for your dog, consider the following factors:

  • Size: Ensure the cover fits your car’s seats and is suitable for your dog’s size.

  • Material: Choose a durable, waterproof material that’s easy to clean.

  • Safety: Look for covers that come with seatbelt openings or harness attachments to keep your dog securely in place.

  • Installation: Opt for covers that are easy to install and remove.

  • Style: Select a design that matches your car’s interior or your personal taste.

5. Installation and Maintenance:

Installing a car seat cover is typically straightforward:

  • Place the cover over the seat.
  • Secure it using straps, buckles, or Velcro closures.
  • Adjust as needed to achieve a snug fit.

Maintaining your car seat cover is simple:

  • Shake off loose dirt and fur.
  • Wipe it down or remove and wash it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

6. Conclusion: Travel Safely and Stylishly with Your Pup

A Car Seat Cover for Dogs, also known as Vehicle Seat Covers for Dogs or Canine Car Seat Covers, is an essential accessory for any pet owner who loves to travel with their canine companion. Not only does it protect your car’s seats from damage, but it also ensures a comfortable and secure ride for your furry friend. With a wide range of options available, you can find the perfect cover that suits your style and needs, making every journey with your dog a safe and enjoyable one. So, buckle up, hit the road, and travel safely and stylishly with your pup by your side!


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