This little machine is easy to use, it doesn’t take up much space on its own, just plug it into the wall and it’s ready to go. It works very quietly. After using it, there are no mice and mosquitoes and other animals seen inside the house. My family and I love it very much.

The multifunction electrosonic pest repeller, a revolutionary device that uses cutting-edge technology to ensure your living spaces remain unwelcome to unwanted critters

100% safe for your family members and pets. No chemicals, no poisons. Easy to use & effective in an area up to 80~120 square meter


Multifunction ElectroSonic Pest Repeller | Ultrasonic Pest Repellent | Indoor Pest Repellent

Original price was: $79.Current price is: $59.


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WIDE EFFECTIVE COVERAGE – Our Device is effective in an area up to 80~120 square meter. It’s widely used in homes, warehouses, offices, gardens, hotels, etc. To get better results, we suggest installing 1 unit for each room or several units for large areas.

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Original price was: $79.Current price is: $59.

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It is 100% safe for your family members and pets. No chemicals, no poisons.


Simply plug this device into a wall plug in and it’s ready to go. Best if installed in a wall socket around 20-40 inches away from the floor and should not be blocked by curtains.


Each of the repellers covers an area of up to 2000 Square feet! With shapes and options fitting for virtually any nook or cranny in your home that has an outlet. Device work right away but please allow 2-3 weeks in order to see optimal results and to enjoy a completely pest free space. It’s normal to see more pest actions on the initial days, as the repeller is working on and repelling all pests to move away from their original living places.


Green light mode – ultrasonic frequency works for mouse/mosquito/cockroach …

Blue light mode – sound frequency of bionic wave works for mouse/mosquito…

Red light mode – frequency of magnetic works for Mouse. (This is the enhanced mouse drive mode. The sound wave is a little big, don’t use this mode in living room. and it is suitable for the basement of the uninhabited storage or garage.)

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    Can ultrasonic pest repellents work through walls?

    Ultrasonic pest repellents cannot penetrate walls. It’s essential to place a unit in each room or move it around periodically for comprehensive coverage.

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    What is the energy consumption of a Multifunction ElectroSonic Pest Repeller?

    A Multifunction ElectroSonic Pest Repeller is energy-efficient, typically using less electricity than a standard light bulb, making it a cost-effective pest control solution.

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    Are indoor pest repellents visible or noticeable in a room?

    Indoor pest repellents are designed to be compact and blend with the room decor, making them virtually invisible and unnoticeable in daily use.

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    Are ultrasonic signals from pest repellents harmful to any pets?

    While safe for most pets, ultrasonic signals from pest repellents may affect rodents or rabbits, so it’s not recommended for households with these animals.

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    Can indoor pest repellent devices be used in kitchens and food areas?

    Yes, using an indoor pest repellent in kitchens and food areas is safe as it does not emit chemicals, making it ideal for such sensitive environments.

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    How discreet is the use of an indoor pest repellent?

    An indoor pest repellent is very discreet, operating silently and invisibly, making it an unobtrusive addition to your home or office pest management strategy.

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    What warranty is offered with a Multifunction ElectroSonic Pest Repeller?

    Most Multifunction ElectroSonic Pest Repellers come with a warranty ranging from 1 to 2 years, providing assurance against defects and ensuring customer satisfaction.

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    Are there specific brands of ultrasonic pest repellents that are more effective?

    Some brands are renowned for their efficacy and build quality in ultrasonic pest repellents. It’s advisable to choose products with positive user reviews and reliable customer support.

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    How does an ultrasonic pest repellent work?

    An ultrasonic pest repellent works by emitting high-frequency sound waves that are distressing to pests, driving them away without using harmful chemicals.

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    What is the return policy for a Multifunction ElectroSonic Pest Repeller?

    The return policy for Multifunction ElectroSonic Pest Repellers varies by retailer, but most offer a 30-day return period, allowing you to test their effectiveness.

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    Can I use multiple indoor pest repellents in larger areas?

    For larger areas, using multiple indoor pest repellents is recommended to ensure comprehensive coverage and more effective pest control throughout the space.

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    Can ultrasonic pest repellents be used outdoors?

    While primarily designed for indoor use, some ultrasonic pest repellents are weatherproof and can be effectively used outdoors to extend their pest control range.

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    How can I maximize the effectiveness of my ultrasonic pest repellent?

    To maximize effectiveness, place your ultrasonic pest repellent away from sound-absorbing materials like thick carpets and curtains and ensure it covers the main areas where pests are detected.

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    Can Multifunction ElectroSonic Pest Repellers handle severe infestations?

    For severe infestations, while Multifunction ElectroSonic Pest Repellers are helpful, additional pest control methods may be needed for initial control, with the repellers serving as a maintenance tool.

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    Can ultrasonic pest repellents drive away insects?

    Yes, ultrasonic pest repellents are also effective against a variety of insects, including mosquitoes and spiders, by emitting frequencies that are uncomfortable for these pests.

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    Do indoor pest repellents interfere with other household electronics?

    Indoor pest repellents do not interfere with household electronics. They operate at frequencies that are distinct and do not disrupt Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or other devices.

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    How often should I replace my Multifunction ElectroSonic Pest Repeller?

    You should consider replacing your Multifunction ElectroSonic Pest Repeller if it no longer functions properly or after 5 years to ensure maximum efficiency.

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    Are there any side effects of using an indoor pest repellent?

    There are no known side effects of using an indoor pest repellent; it’s a non-invasive solution that doesn’t involve chemicals or traps.

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    Is an indoor pest repellent effective against rodents?

    Yes, an indoor pest repellent is particularly effective against rodents by creating a sound environment that is intolerable to them, yet inaudible to humans.

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    How safe is an ultrasonic pest repellent around pets and children?

    An ultrasonic pest repellent is safe around pets and children as it uses frequency sounds inaudible and harmless to humans and non-rodent pets, ensuring a safe environment.

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    What is the coverage area of a Multifunction ElectroSonic Pest Repeller?

    A Multifunction ElectroSonic Pest Repeller typically covers between 800 to 1200 square feet, making it an effective solution for average-sized rooms and areas.

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    What should I do if my indoor pest repellent is not effective?

    If your indoor pest repellent appears ineffective, ensure it’s placed correctly and give it up to a month as pests gradually leave. If problems persist, consider consulting with a pest control professional.

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    How quickly can I expect results from an ultrasonic pest repellent?

    Users can expect to see results from an ultrasonic pest repellent within 2 to 4 weeks, as pests gradually find the environment hostile and leave.

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    How environmentally friendly are ultrasonic pest repellents?

    Ultrasonic pest repellents are highly environmentally friendly, as they do not emit chemicals, reduce the need for toxic baits, and minimize pest carcass disposal.

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    What is the best placement for a Multifunction ElectroSonic Pest Repeller in a room?

    The best placement for a Multifunction ElectroSonic Pest Repeller is near the entrance points of pests, such as near doors or windows, and away from curtains and fabric that may absorb the sound waves.

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    What frequencies do ultrasonic pest repellents use?

    Ultrasonic pest repellents typically operate within the range of 25,000 to 65,000 Hz, frequencies that disturb pests but are inaudible and harmless to humans and most pets.

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    How long does a Multifunction ElectroSonic Pest Repeller last?

    A Multifunction ElectroSonic Pest Repeller can last several years, typically up to 5 years, with continuous operation to ensure your home remains pest-free.

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    Do indoor pest repellents require maintenance?

    Indoor pest repellents are virtually maintenance-free. Just plug the device into an electrical outlet and let it work its magic without any hassle.

  • image/svg+xmlimage/svg+xml
    What types of pests can a Multifunction ElectroSonic Pest Repeller effectively repel?

    A Multifunction ElectroSonic Pest Repeller is versatile, effective against mice, rats, spiders, roaches, mosquitoes, and other common pests.

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    Can Multifunction ElectroSonic Pest Repellers be used in commercial settings?

    Yes, Multifunction ElectroSonic Pest Repellers are excellent for commercial settings like warehouses, restaurants, and offices due to their extensive coverage area and safety.

Discover the Power of Multifunction ElectroSonic Pest Repellers for a Pest-Free Home

In the quest to maintain a pest-free environment, homeowners and renters alike seek effective and safe solutions. Enter the Multifunction ElectroSonic Pest Repeller, a revolutionary device that uses cutting-edge technology to ensure your living spaces remain unwelcome to unwanted critters. This guide will delve into how these devices work and why they are a must-have in every household.

What Makes ElectroSonic Pest Repellers a Must-Have?

The Multifunction ElectroSonic Pest Repeller stands out due to its use of ultrasonic frequencies, which are inaudible to humans and pets but highly disruptive to pests like rodents, cockroaches, spiders, and more. This device emits a powerful sound wave that is intolerable to pests, effectively creating a barrier that deters them from entering your home.

Benefits of Using an Ultrasonic Pest Repellent

One of the main advantages of using an Ultrasonic Pest Repellent is its non-toxic nature. Unlike traditional pest control methods, which often involve chemicals, electrosonic repellents provide a safe, chemical-free option. This makes them ideal for households with children, pets, or anyone sensitive to allergens and harsh substances.

Moreover, these devices are incredibly easy to use. Simply plug them into an outlet, and they begin to work their magic, protecting your home from pests without the need for constant maintenance or monitoring.

The Effectiveness of Indoor Pest Repellents

When it comes to protecting your home, not all repellents are created equal. Indoor Pest Repellents like the Multifunction ElectroSonic Pest Repeller are specifically designed to cover a wide area within the house. They are particularly effective in spaces where pests commonly enter or gather, such as kitchens, basements, and attics.

It’s important to note that the effectiveness of an ultrasonic repellent can depend on the layout of your home and the type of pests you are dealing with. For best results, it may be necessary to use multiple units in different areas of your home to ensure comprehensive coverage.

Integrating ElectroSonic Repellers into Your Home

Integrating these devices into your home is seamless. They are discreet, often small, and can be plugged into any standard outlet. They do not interfere with your home decor and operate silently, so you won’t even know they’re there—though the pests certainly will.

Care and Maintenance Tips

To ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your Multifunction ElectroSonic Pest Repeller, it’s important to keep the device free from dust and debris, which can obstruct the ultrasonic waves. Periodically wiping the device with a clean cloth will help maintain its functionality.


For anyone looking for a safe, effective, and easy-to-use solution to pest problems, the Multifunction ElectroSonic Pest Repeller is an excellent choice. By choosing this modern Ultrasonic Pest Repellent, you are not only ensuring a pest-free environment but also prioritizing the health and safety of your household. Say goodbye to traditional pest control methods and welcome a new age of pest management with these innovative indoor pest repellents.

Explore our selection today and take the first step towards a cleaner, safer, and more peaceful home environment.


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